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Getting a working or living space in BPI Cebu Corporate Center gives you an opportunity to get access to a wide array of facilities and amenities. It’s a fact that every investor would like to live or work in a place that has all the vital facilities and necessary amenities that make living enjoyable. That’s what this iconic building in Cebu City gives you. Once you get your space here, you won’t worry about the environment around you. Everything is catered for and what makes it amazing is the fact that the center is ever growing and enjoying new facilities.

Compared with what other properties have, there’s no doubt that BPI Cebu Corporate Center has the best facilities around. Appropriate air conditioning, CCTV, and security are among them just to name but a few. All these will provide you with what you need to run your business comfortably. Apart from these facilities within the building, there are also many amenities in the area. Some of the local amenities you’ll access when you live or work in BPI Cebu Corporate Center include:

•    Schools such as Cebu Global Language School and others

•    Hospitals like DR. K Dental Clinic

•    Zeel International Store

•    Restaurants such as Ngohiong Express

•    Active Zone Shopping Center

Indeed, you won’t have to travel anywhere to look for these important amenities. You’ll have everything within the city. All these amenities are modern and meet the required standards. That’s why everyone is trying their best to get space in this new and sky-scraping condominium in the great city of Cebu. It’s good to bring to your attention that there are other projects that will add to the growing list of facilities and amenities in the center. Some of the greatest developments coming up in the region include but are not limited to the following:

•    Calyx Residences- 769m away from this center

•    Sedona Parc-759m away

•    Horizons 101-1097 away

•    Calyx center-876m away

•    Park Centrale-931m away

•    The Padgett Place-583m away

Once all these projects are completed, the whole area will not only attract companies within, but also those from far or outside Southern Philippines. Those who understand what it will mean when all these projects are working are among the top contesters of working and living spaces in BPI Cebu Corporate Center. We can certainly say that a large business center is in the making and the right time to own space is now. Don’t be left out when others are positioning themselves for big things in the future. You need a professional working space now.

With all these numerous facilities and amenities, BPI Cebu Corporate Center outdoes all other condominiums in the region to become the number one and top provider of modern, professional working spaces in the whole of Cebu City. What makes it more lucrative to get space here is the fact that the region keeps growing each day. At the moment, the city is no doubt the leading business destination in the whole of Southern Philippines. With an office or living space in this building, you are several steps of your peers in the industry.

  • Lobby
  • View Deck
  • 5 passenger elevators
  • 1 service/passenger elevator
  • Fire detection and alarm system
  • 2 fire exits
  • 100% emergency power
  • Provisions for individual metering for AC
  • Common toilets on typical floor (8-19F)
  • Security (CCTV)
  • 70% Glass Ratio (Maximized natural lighting)
  • LED Lighting for common areas
  • Dual-flush in all common toilets
  • Centralized air conditioning in main lobby and hallways
  • 3 toilets and 2 urinals (Male)
  • 5 toilets (Female)
  • 1 toilet (handicap)
  • Materials recovery facility
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